What Gives More XP in Minecraft?

There are many different ways to get xp in minecraft. Some of the most common methods are to kill spiders and ghouls. These two mobs are easy to kill, and you’ll often find that you can get more xp from them than other types of mobs.

Spiders are very quick and agile. They can even climb up walls. When they get to a certain point, they will jump. You can kill them with a fully charged Power V bow shot, or a sword. If you have a sword, they’re easier to kill, and their knockback will keep them at a distance.

Despite their agility, Spiders aren’t as dangerous as skeletons. They can’t do as much damage as skeletons, and are weaker. However, they can be a nuisance. For example, if you’re fishing and a Spider spawns, you can easily shoot it. Its eyes can be used to make potions, and it can drop string and XP when killed.

Cave spiders are more dangerous than regular spiders. They can poison players on contact.

Spiders spawn in dungeons and caves. Spider spawners clump together in a small area. Using a spider spawner can be very useful to farm xp.

Having a spawner can also allow you to build your own spider farm. Alternatively, you can snipe Baby Zombies from afar.

During the day, they’re passive. At night, however, they’re more of a threat. A snipe will also give you XP. Similarly, you can use villagers to trap zombies.