What Genus Do Spiders Belong To?

Arachnids are arthropods that belong to the class Arachnida. They are one of the largest class of invertebrates, with some 40000 species. Spiders are part of this class.

They are generally predatory, with the majority preying on other spiders and insects. Their digestive fluids are able to dissolve the internal tissues of their prey, releasing the prey into the air. Some species use vibrations to detect the presence of their prey.

Spiders are characterized by eight legs, an abdomen, and pedipalps, venom-injecting fangs, and several respiratory anatomies. The tracheal system allows them to breathe through their body surface and is most likely derived from a small ancestor.

Spiders are also known for their unusual social behavior. Some species live in large colonies and share food. Others share food with young, and some show cooperative hunting. These species are not as developed as the social behavior of insects.

The eyes of spiders are simple. They usually have eight, but there are some species with only two. Another feature is the compound lenses, which gather light very efficiently. Spiders often have bristles that are sensitive to vibration and touch.

Most spiders are classified into two main groups. Mygalomorphae and Araneomorphae. While the Mygalomorphae are funnel-web spiders, the Araneomorphae include jumping spiders and tree trapdoor spiders.

There are three suborders of araneomorphs. All araneomorphs have the same set of basic features, but there are differences between the suborders. Basal araneomorph spiders have an anterior pair of book lungs and the posterior pair has been modified into tracheae.