How to Care For Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders can eat anything, from insects to plants. They can be friendly, but they can also be venomous. If you have a pet jumping spider, it is important to know how to care for it.

When a jumper is young, it will eat small insects. As it grows older, it will hunt for live food. Live food includes flies, crickets and mealworms. The food should be about 1.5 times the size of the spider.

If you own an adult jumping spider, you can feed it once a day. You can also serve it dead prey. But you should not feed it any food that is too large. This will confuse it.

During the winter months, you should feed your jumping spiders tiny crickets. This is easy to do. Those who like feeding insects may prefer to use mealworms.

A misting bottle can be used to give your spider water. However, you should not leave it near the cage. Spiders can drown in water.

It is best to have a terrarium with a lot of light. This will allow your jumping spider to see its food easily.

In addition, you should provide your jumping spider with its own enclosure. These spiders do not do well with other species. Keeping them apart is important when mating.

Some species of jumping spider will try to kill other spiders when they are hungry. Their main purpose is to eat. Other species will wait for their prey to cross their path.