How Strong Are Spiders?

One of the most amazing creatures in the world are spiders. They have a unique skeleton system and incredibly strong muscles. They can lift and move objects many times their own weight. Some can even jump on their prey to grab it.

While most species can lift up to eight to one hundred times their own weight, some can lift much more. In fact, some can lift twenty times their own weight.

Spiders can lift objects by using the tension of their webs. Spiders can also lift a heavy object to increase their chances of catching food.

The strength of a spider is directly related to the amount of webbing it uses and its weight. Some spiders have webs that can support several times the weight of the spider. A Black Widow Spider’s web can withstand 100 pounds per square inch. An Australian funnel-web spider can lift an object weighing more than 150 of its own weight.

The strength of a spider is also dependent on the type of spider. Tarantulas are not as strong as other spiders. However, they do move quite a bit of weight due to their size.

The skeleton of a spider is light, but very strong. It contains eight to ten legs and seven joints. This skeleton provides a wide base of support for the spider and prevents it from tipping over.

Spiders’ silk is also incredibly strong. It is up to five times stronger than steel wires of the same thickness.