How Much Do Pet Spiders Cost?

There are many different species of pet spiders. You can find them in pet stores, or you can get them from a breeder.

Some are easier to care for than others. For example, Mexican Redrumps are hardy tarantulas that can tolerate gentle handling. They are easy to feed and can live for several years.

In addition to their long life spans, these docile spiders are inexpensive. Adult males can be purchased for about $20, while females can cost as much as $50.

A small, shallow dish of fresh water should be available at all times. Spiders can easily become dehydrated. To prevent this, place pebbles in the bottom of the container.

Feeding can be different depending on the size and age of the animal. Adults should be fed once a week, while juveniles should be fed every day. Tarantulas can be kept for up to two and a half decades.

A 10 gallon aquarium works well for ground-dwelling tarantulas. It should have a secure lid, and should be at least twice the length of the animal’s leg.

Depending on the tarantula species, it’s possible to buy a box of 500 crickets for about $25. These insects are cheaper than mealworms, and they offer nutrients that the spiders need. Crickets are also good at surviving temperature spikes.

Some species, like the Antilles Pink Toe, are docile and can be purchased for $30 to $50. Others, like the Green Bottle Blue, are quick and can be bought for $60 to $100.