How Many Spiders Do Humans Eat a Year?

If you’re a sleeper, chances are you have heard about the urban legend that humans swallow a certain number of spiders while sleeping. This myth has gained in popularity in recent years. However, no one has ever documented this claim.

The rumor is said to be based on a 1954 book about insect folklore. It has also been cited by an online “facts” list in the Guardian. But how many spiders do humans actually swallow?

In fact, it is a rare occurrence. And even if there were a plethora of evidence, the odds of swallowing a spider are virtually zero. That’s because the parts of the spider aren’t easy to put together.

While some cultures include spiders in their diet, they aren’t a regular part of most people’s diet. Besides, they are bad for us. They can cause allergies.

Spiders are considered a pest because they eat lots of bugs, and we want to keep them in check. When they get hungry, they can snack on birds, small mammals, and lizards. Their voracious appetites mean fewer insects and flies in our homes, and a lower infestation of mosquitoes in our yards.

Several countries allow small spider parts to be added to processed food. Even so, the legal limit for insect parts is large enough to permit humans to eat the equivalent of eight spiders.

A more realistic estimate is that we consume about 400 million tons of meat and fish per year. For the sake of comparison, the Titanic weighed 52,000 tons.