How Many Legs Do Spiders Have?

Spiders have been around for millions of years. Many of these creatures are harmless, although some species can be harmful. They have sharp-edged jaws that are used for pinching and pinning down prey. A spider may also use its limbs to escape from predators.

There are eight legs in most adult arachnids. The front pair are called pedipalps. Pedipalps are leg-like appendages that have claws and feelers. These are located between the chelicerae. Chelicerae are part of the spider’s mouth and are used to grip and eat prey.

In addition to these eight legs, spiders have a couple of other appendages. Externally, they have a tibia, a femur, and a patella. Additionally, the spider has a cephalothorax, which is a dorsal carapace.

Another appendage of interest is the cribellum. This organ produces a thread made of hundreds to thousands of dry silk fibers. It is typically divided into left and right halves. However, not all spiders have a cribellum.

Spinnerets, another important part of spiders, are telescoping organs. Originally, these organs were found on the ventral side of the abdomen. Over time, the spinnerets have migrated to the posterior side of the abdomen. Some spiders have as many as four pairs of spinnerets.

Other external appendages are chelicerae, which have venom glands and fangs on the end. They are used for feeding and pin-downing prey. Lastly, the spider has a labium, which is a part of the mouth.

As you can see, spiders are very interesting. Although they may appear to have too many legs, they have actually evolved from their ancient relatives.