How Long Do Spiders Live in Your House?

Most spiders live for about a year, but the length of their lifespan depends on the species. A larger spider can live longer than a smaller one. Some of the larger ones can even survive for several years without food.

Spiders are commonly found in homes. They usually hunt for small pests. They can also be very beneficial to humans. For example, some of the smaller species can be helpful in reducing the number of insects in the house.

Despite their presence, spiders are usually harmless and rarely bite. But, if they do, you should seek medical attention. People should also avoid trying to kill them with pesticides. Instead, you should consider hiring a professional pest control service.

House spiders are the most common pests in the United States. The average lifespan is about a year, but it can vary from a few months to a decade.

In some areas, such as Australia, a trapdoor spider can live to a ripe old age. Another type of spider, the wolf spider, can live up to a year.

The American house spider, however, can produce between 150 and 400 egg sacs throughout its lifetime. These egg sacs will re-grow after a few weeks.

Female spiders usually lay eggs before they die. As a result, they live for longer than male spiders. It is estimated that female spiders can live up to two years.

Female spiderlings take longer to grow than male spiderlings. Males tend to die after mating, but the females continue to molt until they reach adulthood.

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