How Long Do Banana Spiders Live?

Banana spiders are large spiders that are a member of the orb-web spider family. They are often found in forests, wooded trails, or fields.

Banana spiders are predators and will trap flying insects. They may also be found in areas where people spend time. Although they do not pose a threat to humans, their webs can become a nuisance. People can use thick gloves to prevent them from entering their home or business.

There are several different types of banana spiders. These include the Brazilian wandering spider, which has white or yellow patches on the underside of its legs. The North American golden orb weaver has a leg that can span 1.5 to 3 inches.

The red-faced banana spider is a nocturnal spider. It has two appendages in front of its mouth that are covered in red hairs.

When molting, banana spiders undergo a number of stages. After their final molt, they are capable of living for up to a month. As the spiders grow larger, they molt less frequently.

Adult banana spiders lay eggs between August and October. Females can be up to five inches long, while males can be half an inch in length.

In the United States, banana spiders are usually found in southeastern regions. They can also be found in the Pacific Islands. Typically, these spiders prefer to construct webs in places that are not normally used by people.

Although they are not poisonous, the bite of a banana spider can be painful. Depending on the type of spider, it can cause redness and pain for about 10 minutes.