How Large Are Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders are very large and hairy spiders. They are part of the family Lycosidae. They are mostly brown but some may also be black. Generally they are solitary and live in fields, meadows, and other ground covers.

Wolf spiders are also very good hunters. They have powerful venom that paralyzes prey. Their eyes are extremely sensitive. Typically, symptoms of a bite include nausea, dizziness, and local pain.

The male wolf spider performs courtship rituals, such as leg signaling, to attract a female. After mating, the female carries an egg sac in its abdomen. It also produces a silk ball and rolls it around until the eggs hatch. This is unusual behavior among invertebrates.

Female wolf spiders are typically larger than the males. Some species have legs up to three inches long. Other species are smaller. A typical female wolf spider might carry about 100 eggs in its abdomen.

Wolf spiders are found in a wide variety of habitats. They are commonly found in farm fields, meadows, and other types of land cover. Many of the species build nests of silk in the ground. Others climb on plants or trees.

Wolf spiders are often seen during the early fall and late summer. They are often mistaken for tarantulas. However, wolf spiders do not typically breed in homes.

Wolf spiders have eight eyes. These are arranged in three rows. There are two large eyes in the middle row and four small eyes on the bottom row.