How Insects Can Crawl in Your Ear Canal

Insects can crawl into your ear canal and cause a lot of pain. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical attention. You may also suffer from headaches and nausea. Seeing a doctor immediately can help prevent permanent damage to your ear.

One of the most common ear invaders is a cockroach. When a roach gets trapped inside the ear, it will try to get free by scratching the eardrum.

Another common ear invader is the earwig. While a cockroach or earwig can be dangerous if caught in the ear, it isn’t as harmful as an ear beetle or a moth.

There aren’t any documented cases of earwigs laying eggs in humans. However, there have been cases of flies and crickets laying eggs in people’s ears.

A woman in China went to the doctor after she felt an itchy sensation in her ear. She was referred to an ear, nose, and throat specialist for treatment. The doctor found a jumping spider in her ear.

Another case of an insect in a human ear was reported in a doctor’s office in India. A woman was seeking treatment for a headache caused by a spider in her ear cavity.

Another ear bug story is of a high school football star who was hit by a beetle. It was nearly a career-ending event.

This story was reported in a medical journal worldwide. Several ENT doctors across the world were shocked.

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