How Can You Kill Spiders With Fly Spray?

Most spiders are harmless and not a problem. However, a few of them are venomous. If you are frightened by them, it’s best to leave them alone.

You can find numerous spider repellents on the market. Many of them are filled with chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets. It’s important to read the labels before using them. There are also many natural and non-toxic alternatives you can use to eliminate the problem.

One of the most effective spider repellents is lemon juice. Lemon essential oil can be used as well. Several sprays are available for outdoor use. This method is less effective for indoor use.

Another effective option is vinegar. Vinegar contains an acidic nature and can kill spiders on contact. Spraying this on doors and windows will discourage them from entering.

You can also sprinkle peppermint oil around the perimeter of your home. Spiders dislike the smell. Peppermint is a good repellent because it has a strong scent.

Another natural solution is apple cider. Combine apple cider with liquid soap and spread the mixture around. Be sure to wear gloves.

Another good alternative is borax. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that is effective for killing insects.

Aside from these natural and non-toxic methods, you can also spray pesticides to kill spiders. Store-bought insecticides are also an effective remedy for serious infestations. Applying them correctly will help to keep your home free of spiders.

Other options include vacuuming and squishing them with a fly swatter. While this is an effective, quick way to get rid of the problem, it’s not always recommended.