How Can Spiderman Control Spiders?

Spiderman is a fictional character. He is a hero who uses spider powers to combat crime. His powers include a stinger, a web-swinging ability and enhanced sense of balance.

As a superhero, Spiderman has an everyman quality. Unlike most heroes, he does not use lethal weapons or vehicles to get around. But like most super-heroes, he will save a person when he can.

One of Spiderman’s biggest powers is his ability to stick to walls. This is achieved by using his body’s thin suit and a strong bond. Earlier in the comic book era, he can stick with his feet and hands, but later, he can also stick with his back.

In addition, Spider-Man has a powerful spider-sense. This sense can detect atmospheric disturbances and vibrations in his surroundings.

The spider-sense also allows him to communicate with spiders. Peter Parker was bitten by a spider, but recovered by hibernating in a cocoon. It is unclear if he still has the ability to communicate with spiders, but Kaine Parker is a genetic duplicate of Parker who gains the ability to talk with spiders when he embraces the spider-deity known as Other.

Spider-Man also has the ability to release stingers when under stress. These stingers are made of polyamine venom, a toxic substance that can paralyze ordinary humans for hours. Some mystical beings, such as Morlun, can also be killed by these venomous spiders.

Spider-Man’s strength is dependent on the type of spider that gave him his power. Peter can lift about ten tons.