Does Flashing Lights Affect Spiders?

If you’re a fan of spiders you probably want to know if flashing lights affect them. While spiders have evolved to see light in many different ways, they don’t like a lot of it. And in fact, too much light can actually harm their retinas.

One way to answer the question, “does flashing lights affect spiders?” is to look for patterns. This study looked at several variables that might influence spiders’ reaction to artificial light. In particular, scientists studied the efficiency of spider prey interception under different lighting conditions.

Spiders may prefer to build webs close to light sources. Some species may also be attracted to bugs that have been caught in lights. These findings suggest a possible impact of ecological light pollution on urban spider populations.

The best way to see these effects is to look at the locations where spiders live. For example, if you have an active web in a room, you might want to consider moving the spider to a more uncongested area.

Another trick is to keep the ambiance cool. By keeping the temperature in the range of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can discourage spiders from congregating. Also, a shady corner with some cedar or other green plant material might help.

While some spiders might actually be attracted to LED lights, other spiders simply don’t like them. Lights with long wavelengths, such as LED bulbs, may produce less ‘heat’ and therefore appeal to fewer insects.