Do Walnuts Prevent Spiders?

If you’re worried about spiders in your home, there are several different options you can consider. Some of them are non-toxic to pets and others are natural and effective. You may also want to try a few common herbs and spices to help control the infestation.

One of the more popular choices is walnuts. Walnuts contain chemicals that can keep spiders away. These chemicals include Juglone and Linolenic Acid. Although walnuts can keep some species of spiders away, they do not completely keep them out.

Spiders are naturally attracted to a certain smell. The odors of certain fruits, flowers, and even rotting fruit can be harmful to spiders. It’s best to clean your home to prevent spiders from setting up nests and breeding. Another way to do this is to spray your house with a mixture of citrus essential oil and water.

When spiders are in the house, they will normally breed in areas where they can easily hide. For example, near doors, windows, and storage. Using a vacuum cleaner is a good way to eliminate the spiders’ nests. However, if you have a house cat, it will take down the spiders for you.

While walnuts can be used as an alternative to chemical-laden pesticides, they do not always work. There are many varieties of walnuts, but the ones that are most effective at repelling spiders are black walnuts.

Black walnuts, like other nuts, contain tannins. The tannins in walnuts are toxic when they come in contact with the air. As a result, they make spiders avoid them. They are not as effective if the nuts are roasted in their shells.

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