Do Spiders Really Crawl in Your Mouth at Night?

The question is do spiders really crawl in your mouth at night? Despite popular belief, this is a myth. In the real world, no one would ever swallow a spider. Spiders are not creatures of habit, and they are far too sensitive to be lured into a bed.

A spider may well be the star of the show, but they aren’t interested in your company. They do, however, enjoy the occasional snack from your dinner plate.

Spiders can be found in almost every habitat on the planet. Even the most remote of locations would likely have at least a few. Some species are voracious feeders, while others prefer to stay on the sly.

Most humans have a tendency to close their mouths while they sleep. This makes them more prone to snoring, a trait that spiders find particularly attractive.

During your sleep, you may have even been fortunate enough to swallow a spider. However, this is a rarity. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a human will swallow less than 25 percent of its total volume while in bed.

While you may not be able to eat your weight in spiders, you can still be bitten by them if you are under sheets or in a dark moist cave. You should also be aware of the fact that spiders have eyesight.

There is no scientific evidence that spiders actually crawl into your mouth, or even that they are capable of performing feats of scientific achievement while in your mouth.

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