Do Spiders Have Black Blood?

When we hear about spiders, we usually think of them as harmless. However, there are a number of species that can be dangerous, especially if they bite you. The venom they inject into your skin can lead to severe pain and a range of other medical complications.

Black widow spiders are most common in the Western United States. They build their webs under trees and outhouses. They can also be found at campgrounds.

These spiders are considered venomous because their fangs puncture the skin. The venom produces a painful sting that may last for an hour or more. If you have been bitten by one, you should seek immediate treatment. A number of hospitals and clinics carry species-specific antivenin.

The venom of these spiders is a cytotoxin. The toxin destroys cells in your body and can result in necrotic wounds. A milder reaction will cause swelling and redness around the bite. A more serious reaction can result in muscle cramps and difficulty breathing.

If you think you might have been bitten by a spider, call your local poison center. These centers have a hotline that is available 24 hours a day. It is free, and confidential. You can also call a national poison hotline. Species-specific antivenom is available, though it can trigger allergic reactions.

If you have been bitten by a black widow spider, contact emergency services right away. These spiders are known for being toxic, and it is possible for their venom to lead to death.