Do Spiders Drink Water?

Spiders are not fast drinkers, but they do drink water. They suck up water through straw-like mouthparts called chelicerae. Water helps spiders absorb proteins, which helps them grow more rapidly.

Spiders get water by drinking from their webs and other sources. Some spiders also drink from puddles, dew, and morning dew. The amount of water a spider needs varies according to the species. It is important to monitor how much water your spiders are consuming so that you can adjust their water bowl accordingly.

Spiders will try to catch animals or insects that may have water droplets on them. If they do not, they will eventually dehydrate. Dehydration causes a spider to curl up and appear lethargic. A dehydrated spider will shrivel up, as well as have a wrinkled abdomen.

Some species of spiders can live a few days without water. Other species cannot survive that long. However, even larger spiders like tarantulas can survive for several hours if they do not have to drink.

Most types of spiders can rely on their diet to meet their water requirements. Some species of spiders, like black widows, get all their water from eating prey. Others, such as redbacks, get their water from the food they eat.

Whether you have a koala or a house spider, it is important to provide them with freshwater. Many pet owners give their spiders a glass of tap water, but this can contain contaminants. Tap water can also leave water stains.

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