Do Money Spiders Give You Money?

If you’re a lover of spiders, you’ll be intrigued to hear that these creatures are also thought to bring you money. These tiny critters are part of the Linyphiidae family.

Several species of money spiders are found in the UK. They’re small, brownish spiders. Males have a red abdomen, while females have a light brown pattern.

Money spiders feed on insects and flies. They are also known to spin webs. Their webs are fragile and ephemeral.

Unlike other spiders, money spiders do not commonly bite humans. This is because they are very small. However, they can sometimes get caught in people’s hair. In fact, many people believe that spiders catching hair is a sign of good luck.

Money spiders live in forests and gardens. They feed on insects and aphids. The webs they build are delicate and highly functional.

Money spiders are one of the most common spiders in the UK. They can be carried by cool night winds.

Money spiders can survive in a variety of environments, but they prefer damp woodlands and shrubs. At certain times of the year, they will migrate to a new location. During that time, their silken sails can travel hundreds of kilometers.

Some money spiders leave their small webs to hunt for food. On a fine day, these webs will shimmer like a silver sea.

A new genus of money spider has been discovered in Nepal. It was first described in April 2021 by Tanasevitch.