Do Cave Spiders Spike Naturally in World of Warcraft?

A cave spider is a spider species with a poisonous bite. Unlike normal spiders, cave spiders are smaller and have fewer hitpoints. Cave spiders can be found in lava, water, and caves. However, their venom is less harmful than that of a regular spider.

The European cave spider is rarely seen. It has venom that has a negligible effect on large mammals, and is harmless to humans. But the venom can be very unpleasant.

As of the 1.2 update, the cave spider can climb ice blocks. Despite this, these spiders are still dangerous. They can also spawn in water, if the player does not get out of their way.

The cave spider can hold breath underwater for about 16 seconds. However, it is repelled by light. So, if you have a light level of nine or lower, the cave spider will not spawn.

When a player kills a cave spider, it will drop one spider eye. There is a 33% chance that the spider eye will be a Spider Eye, or a 0-1 string.

Cave Spiders can be found in abandoned mineshafts. Their venom inflicts Poison I for 15 seconds on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Cave Spiders have only 12 hitpoints. This means that they are more fragile than normal spiders. If bitten, your health bar will gradually decrease. After a single attack, your health will be reduced to half of your maximum health.

Cave spiders are a fairly cheap and efficient mob farm. When killed by a player, they will drop five experience points and a spider eye.

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