Can Spiders Lay Eggs in Your Hair?

There are many urban legends surrounding spiders. One popular story is the black widow. According to this, a spider will lay its eggs in a person’s hair.

While it is possible for a spider to lay an egg in your hair, the myth is not true. In fact, spiders rarely lay their eggs in human hair. Instead, they use silk egg sacs.

Generally, an egg sac is a small sphere wrapped in silk. It may be attached to a wall or suspended in a web. The size of the sac is usually small, though it can be as large as a golf ball.

Spiders will lay their eggs during the spring and summer, when the weather is warm enough for them to lay their egg sacs. Some spiders may produce several egg sacs.

A spider egg sac is not easy to remove. You can use a fine-tooth comb or a broom to scoop it out. Once you have removed the sac, you can dispose of it outside.

An urban legend about a spider that lays its egg in your hair is not as common today as it was when the Afro hair-do trend was on the rise. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good idea to let a spider into your home.

One good thing about spiders is that they can catch flying insects. They do this by waiting for prey to come to them. This means that you should not be surprised to see a spider hang over your head at night, or to see one predicting the letter of the day.