Can Spiders Lay Eggs in Your Ear?

It is rare to find a documented case of bugs living in a human ear. But when it happens, it is often quite weird.

There are reports of flies, cockroaches, crickets, and even bed bugs in human ears. Insects in the ear can cause strange wing movements, discomfort, and pain. If you think you have a bug in your ear, you should see a doctor.

Some medical professionals have even found live spiders in human ears. These critters are usually found in dark, secluded places, but they can also be found in human bodies.

Doctors found a spider in a Chinese patient’s ear in 2012. The insect had lived in the ear for five days. This was not the first time a spider had been discovered in a human ear.

A man in India also experienced a creepy crawly in his ear. He went to doctors after experiencing a strange itch in his ear. After the doctor injected saline solution into his ear, the spider flew away.

A similar case was recorded in Nova Scotia. Another British woman had a roach in her ear, but it was not venomous. She did not suffer from any injuries from the bug, but she did suffer from “excruciating pain” in her head.

An invertebrate expert says that spiders do not usually lay eggs in human ears. They are free living hunters. They do not have equipment to get their eggs into a bite wound.