Can Spiders Become Pets?

There are many types of spiders. Some species are venomous while others are not. Many are also very skittish. If you are considering owning a pet spider, you should carefully research the species you are interested in.

While they are not too demanding, you should be prepared for some work. You will need to provide a clean environment, water, food, and a place for the spider to weave a web. Also, you will need to monitor your pet spider’s health.

Some spiders can be kept in small terrariums. Other species, like the wolf spider, require a lot of floor space. It’s important to have plenty of leaf litter, plants, and water. Your spider will need a 2-inch layer of soil. Providing a terrarium with the proper humidity and temperature is a must.

Unlike cats, many spiders don’t interact well with other pets. They can be dangerous to kids. For that reason, you should never keep a spider in the house with a dog or cat. Depending on your location, you may be prohibited from owning a spider.

Fortunately, there are a variety of non-venomous species of spiders that you can easily acquire. Many are easy to care for and they are relatively inexpensive.

The golden silk spider is one of the largest orb-weavers in North America. This spider has a black and yellow color and it builds circular webs lined with sticky silk.

Another great option is the green lynx spider. This species has a unique appearance and it is easy to care for.