Are Spiders Attracted to Light?

If you’ve ever been bitten by a spider, you probably wondered, are spiders attracted to light? Spiders are not as receptive to light as moths, but they are certainly attracted to certain colors and light levels.

Some species are specifically attracted to short wavelengths, such as ultraviolet (UV) light. These light sources can enhance a spider’s visibility, and help strengthen its web. In addition, some insects can see color in the UV range.

While spiders aren’t as attracted to light as moths, many will flock to areas with bright lighting. They also like to hide in small, dark spaces.

A study in the University of Cincinnati has suggested that different spider species are attracted to certain hues of light. For example, the wolf spider has dichromatic vision, which means it is nearly color blind, but it still responds to green-light.

The same is true for other types of lights. Insects are attracted to white, blue and UV light. And some arachnids are apt to be attracted to light of all sizes.

In fact, some spiders even use lights to attract prey. Wolf spiders are particularly adept at picking up the ultraviolet light.

Other smaller insects are also attracted to bright lights. Jumping spiders, for example, need light to hunt. It is believed that these creatures are cellar spiders, since they need a source of light to flutter about in order to get to their targets.

Even some species of common house spiders are active at night. This is due to their need for light to locate their next meal.

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