Are Jumping Spiders Bad For Plants?

Many people have asked are jumping spiders bad for plants? In reality, they are beneficial. They are natural predators that feed on insects and other bugs.

Usually they are harmless, but they can bite humans. They are also very useful for pest control. Jumping spiders can be used as natural repellents.

There are over 300 species of jumping spiders that inhabit North America. Their bodies are usually bright colors. Some are red or orange. They are very agile, and they are known to leap long distances.

Some people keep them as pets. They can be very scary. If the wrong female is courted, a jumper could end up fatal.

They can be found in every country, except Antarctica. Jumping spiders mainly eat other bugs. But, one species also feeds on plant matter.

A jumping spider has eight eyes. The front pair are larger than the others. When the spider is in the process of making a leap, it calculates the distance before it launches itself.

Unlike other species of spiders, they don’t spin webs. They rely on silk to shelter and to protect their eggs. And, they tether themselves to a stationary object with silk thread.

If you’re worried about jumping spiders, you may want to consider using a vapor light. Vapor lights are made from sodium and are less attractive to the pests.

You can also use a vinegar solution as a natural spider repellent. It can be sprayed on the spider trails or the spider itself.