Arachnids – Do Spiders Live Underground?

The arachnid family includes spiders, ants, roaches, chiggers, mites, and ticks. Some are even found in underwater areas.

Many species of spiders are active hunters. They stalk prey, and some even spin webs to capture them. Others prefer to live outdoors, where they can feed on other insects.

Some species are nocturnal, and others are active during the day. They may be located in basements or in dark, wooded areas. These spaces provide them with plenty of hiding places.

Other types of spiders live in moist wooded areas. These creatures make their homes under stones, rolled leaves, and in folds of grass.

House spiders are also known as Tegenaria spiders. They are common in homes and buildings. During mating season, a female may carry an egg sac. If the eggs hatch, the spider will spin a web.

A tarantula is a burrowing spider that uses spider silk to line its burrow. When it is ready to molt, it sheds its skin. The tarantula may be seen with a thin line of spider silk outside of its burrow.

Most species of spiders live on the ground. Some species are known for their tangle webs. Daddy-long-legs spiders are particularly well-known for their tangled webs.

Some species of house spiders use a funnel web to accommodate many different occupants. If the spider doesn’t catch enough food, it will quit spinning the web and leave. Depending on the type, spiders may live in quiet, undisturbed areas or in a busy area.

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