WoW Silverfish – How to Find Silverfish Outside of a Stronghold

Silverfish are a small, land-based mob. They spawn in strongholds. Their main form of attack is contact, though they can be killed with explosions or lava.

They also spawn in igloos. However, they do not seem to spawn in conjunction with silverfish.

The best way to deal with silverfish is to destroy their spawners. These are found in the end portal rooms of strongholds. You can also use sticky pistons to move these monster eggs.

There are a number of ways to attract silverfish, including accessible pet foods, cereals, pastas, and flour. Another option is to create a trap with textured tape and pitfall-style traps. Pitfall-style traps are a non-toxic and effective method of catching silverfish.

Silverfish cannot infest smooth stone, mossy cobblestone, or slabs. However, they can spawn on infested blocks.

It’s also important to note that silverfish swarms can be a real threat. If there are dozens of them, they can overwhelm a player. Using a bow can help reduce the size of the swarm.

Although silverfish do not drop any items, they can be harvested to gain experience. However, farming them isn’t the best way to earn experience.

Silverfish are a relatively weak creature. When squished, they leave a gray smudge on the surface of the block. While they are not a threat to humans, they are highly annoying and are very hard to kill.

Fortunately, Silverfish can be easily killed with TNT. However, this will only do the trick when they’re close to the player.