Why Do Silverfish Come Out at Night?

If you’ve noticed a few silverfish buzzing around your house, you might wonder why they are there. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that come out only at night. They usually prefer to be in dark, damp areas. It’s no surprise that they’re most active at night, because they need darkness to find their food.

Silverfish typically get plant-based starches from decaying plant elements. However, they can also gorge on cereal, flour, and sugar. During times of extreme famine, they’ve been known to eat leather.

In order to prevent a silverfish infestation, you’ll need to get rid of any old papers, cardboard, and other materials that may be attractive to them. Some people have success with using diatomaceous earth to trap them.

You can also get rid of silverfish by eliminating the wet conditions they thrive in. Try removing any wet leaves or overgrown weeds. This will prevent them from staying in your home.

Silverfish can also live without water for up to a year. While this might seem like a long time, they’re able to eat enough protein and carbohydrates to stay alive.

Oftentimes, silverfish can be found living under sinks or in bathrooms. However, they can also be found in attics or basements.

A good way to keep silverfish out of your house is to store your items in airtight containers. Keep your papers in airtight bins, especially if you have them in your attic or basement.

One of the best ways to get rid of silverfish is to vacuum. Vacuuming is especially effective when you vacuum your floors and baseboards.

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