Where Can I Find Silverfish?

When you hear the word silverfish, you may think of cockroaches. However, you should know that silverfish are not dangerous to humans. They are actually nocturnal insects that live in dark, damp and moist places.

Silverfish are often found in homes where there is a lot of paper. Their favorite food is starch, sugar, flour and anything that is partly starchy.

If you have a silverfish infestation, it is important to learn how to identify these insects. You should also take steps to stop them from gaining access to your home. The best way to do this is to regularly clean your home.

While they are not dangerous to humans, silverfish can cause considerable damage to your belongings. You might notice that they have chewed through clothes, books, wallpaper, or cardboard.

They can be difficult to remove. Silverfish are often a problem in homes with children or pets, so you should consider hiring a professional exterminator.

In the meantime, you should take measures to prevent silverfish from gaining entry into your home. One thing you can do is to vacuum frequently. Vacuuming sucks up any eggs that the silverfish have laid.

Another effective method for getting rid of silverfish is to use sticky traps. You can make a sticky trap by mixing a little glue with pesticide. These can be very effective if you want to control a small population.

Alternatively, you can spray Boric acid into the infected area. Although this is not harmful to children, it can be poisonous to adults if inhaled.

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