How to Get Rid of a Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are not insects, but if they are in large numbers, they can damage your clothing and valuable belongings. They are also a hazard to your home, especially if you have children or pets.

If you think you have a silverfish infestation, it is a good idea to have an expert take a look at it. A professional will be able to identify the source of the problem and help you get rid of it.

Silverfish are attracted to dark, damp and warm places. They will hide in areas like an attic or basement. Their eggs are usually yellow or white. The eggs look like bulbs.

Silverfish are not harmful to humans, but they can cause some people to have allergic reactions. Symptoms include coughing and mucus buildup.

In order to keep silverfish away, make sure to seal up all the gaps around your house. Sealing all doors and windows will also prevent them from entering your home.

Aside from sealing up all the gaps, use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in your house. You can also try using essential oils to repel silverfish.

One of the first things you can do to eliminate a silverfish infestation is to remove the food. This means putting your dry foods in sealed containers.

You can also clean out your cabinets. You may also need to vacuum and dust your entire house, since silverfish tend to stick to dust. Leaving a vacuum cleaner outside is also a good way to keep them out.

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