How Much to Spray For Silverfish

A silverfish infestation is not something to be taken lightly. These creatures are a pest that can hide for long periods without you noticing them. When you spot one, it’s a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection.

Silverfish can thrive in moist, dark environments. They can also live in damp basements, closets, and attics. You can prevent them from settling in your home by cleaning up the areas around your home.

If you have an active silverfish infestation, you should have a professional come in to perform a thorough inspection and determine the best method of removal. There are a variety of methods, including insecticides. But you should be careful with using these chemicals, as they can be flammable. The use of these pesticides should be limited to areas where food or pets might be present.

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is a common repellent for silverfish. It works by drying up the exoskeleton of these insects. Using DE will kill silverfish on contact.

Another option is to place cedar shavings around the home. These can be swept up after a week.

Another repellent that can be used to keep silverfish away is citrus sprays. These can be sprayed in places where silverfish are likely to be found, such as crevices and corners. Citrus fruit peels can be placed in these areas, as well.

Other options include boric acid, liquid pyrethrins, and silica gel. All of these are effective but they should not be used near food or children.