How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Bed

Unlike some insects, mosquitoes are not shy about chomping on your blood. They can also spread fatal diseases. If you’re sick of waking up with a mosquito buzzing around your head, there are ways to keep them out of your bed.

Mosquitoes are attracted to light and carbon dioxide. They can also detect moisture and the scent of sweat. To keep them out of your bed, you’ll need to seal up cracks and holes in your walls. You may also want to place plants with strong smells near your windows.

You can use a candle to keep mosquitoes away, or you can place a mosquito net. Both can be temporary solutions. You may also want to consider sealing cracks in your windows.

You can also use your phone or tablet screen to keep mosquitoes away. You can also use a blue light, like those you find on some electronic devices.

Using a white blanket to keep mosquitoes away is also a good idea. Mosquitoes like the warmth and softness of fabric. You can also place a white blanket between your knees. Keeping your feet clean and covered in repellent is also a good idea.

Another mosquito trapping method involves using a flashlight. Mosquitoes are drawn to light, so they will fly towards the light source.

Another mosquito smacking tool is a roll of newspaper. Some people also throw clothes around the room. If you have a lot of mosquitoes, you may want to consider using a bug zapper to kill them.