How Mosquitoes Reproduce Indoors

Besides being a nuisance, mosquitoes are also carriers of diseases. If you have a house, you can make it free of mosquitoes by following some simple steps. The first step is to inspect your home’s screens, doors, and windows. If you find any broken glass or cracked doors, make sure they are sealed.

Another way to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home is to cover the drain. Cover it with a rag soaked in vinegar for a couple of hours. Then, flush the water out with a hose. You can also use a long-acting surface spray.

In addition to your bathroom, other indoor breeding sites include your sump pump pit, unused floor drains, and pet water dish. You can also make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly. If they are clogged, you can fix the clog with cement.

Mosquitoes need water to breed, so they are attracted to sources of stagnant water. Water collects in old tires, buckets, planters, and other containers. If you have plants that are overwatered, remove the excess water. You can also clean out bird baths and other containers.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to carbon dioxide. They can detect it up to 38 yards away. Sodas and other carbonated beverages produce carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes are attracted to. You can use soda bottles to make a simple funnel. Alternatively, you can place a piece of plastic upside down in the bottom section of a soda bottle and fill it with water, sugar, and yeast.