Do I Need to Wash Bedding After Head Lice?

When you discover your child has head lice, you should wash his or her bedding. You can use a washing machine to wash bedding. However, you should use a high-heat cycle to make sure the lice are killed. Make sure you also wash any stuffed animals. You can also treat pillows by freezing them for several hours.

You also need to wash bedding if you have any leftover lice from the infestation. Make sure to use a hot wash cycle and make a clean bed. You should also vacuum the bedding to get rid of any dead lice. You should also wash pillows and mattresses, as well as furniture. During this time, you should also use a vacuum cleaner hand tool to clean the bedding, mattresses, and furniture. Also, be sure to vacuum around the bed to avoid spreading head lice.

In addition to washing your bedding, you should also avoid wearing new head coverings. After you get rid of the infestation, you should avoid wearing any new head coverings for at least two weeks. You can also wash the bedding in a hot dryer, which kills the lice in a matter of five minutes. It is also important to bag all items that cannot be cleaned. If you cannot wash these items, make sure they are stored in bags for at least two weeks.

If your child has been infested with head lice, you should consider treatment. It is important to check for lice in other household members and close contacts. You should also wash bedding and clothing that you shared with the infested person. This will prevent the lice from spreading to others.

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