Do Head Lice Really Like Clean Hair?

Most people assume that head lice are attracted to clean, non-oily hair, but this is not the case. Liquid-fed lice do not differentiate between dirty and clean hair and are equally attracted to both long and short hair, as long as it is free of dander.

Lice lay their eggs in the hair shafts near the scalp, where the temperature is ideal for keeping their eggs warm. They look like dandruff and cannot be removed through brushing, shaking, or other manual methods. This makes it important to use a lice comb and other effective ways to remove the lice.

Children, especially those under the age of three, are the most susceptible to lice infestations. These young children spend a lot of time in close contact with other children, and their long hair provides a lot of surface area for lice to attach to. They can easily spread head lice from person to person by sharing personal items.

You can prevent head lice from infesting your hair by avoiding head-to-head contact and treating household members who have come in contact with an infested person. Also, make sure that you don’t share bedding or combs with anyone. It is also important to clean bed linens and clothing that was used by an infested person. Avoid using fumigant sprays, as they can be harmful if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

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