Do Head Lice Cause Bumps?

Many people wonder, “Do head lice cause bumps?” The answer depends on the person’s specific case. The bumps usually develop under the hair but can also appear behind the ears or along the nape of the neck. In severe cases, there may be itching and a tickling sensation on the head. People may also experience difficulty sleeping.

A head lice infestation can affect adults and children of all ages. Males are less likely to get head lice than females. It is typically a problem that occurs in daycares, nurseries and schools. Even adults can get infected through contact with an infected child. The infestation is more common in Asian and white people than it is in African-Americans. This is because the claws of the louse are more suitable for the hair of these people.

Head lice infection is often not detected until the infection has become severe. However, itching is one of the first symptoms of head lice. Itching is not a reliable indicator of active head lice, so it is important to look for other symptoms. Head lice are spread from one person to another via head-to-head contact. This means that even people with very thin hair can contract head lice.

Treatment for head lice usually starts with OTC products. Using the proper product will help to eliminate the infestation and keep it from spreading to others. Your pharmacist is essential for selecting the right product and educating you on how to use it correctly.

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