Can Head Lice Get in Beards?

It’s possible for head lice to get into your beard, but it’s rare. According to the Lice Doctors, only three cases in 20 years of treatment have ever been recorded. If you suspect that you might have lice, call My Hair Helpers for a treatment plan. The first step is to check for lice. Lice are attracted to warm places, such as the scalp. They will feed three times daily.

Another way to avoid head lice is to keep your hair groomed regularly. While this might seem silly, the fact is that an unkempt beard is a breeding ground for head lice. The best way to prevent the infestation is to maintain a neat beard that is brushed regularly and washed regularly.

Head lice are spread from person to person through head-to-head contact and personal belongings. They don’t cause infection, but they can be a nuisance, resulting in itchy scalp. Even though head lice are most common in children and in school settings, they can also get into beards.

To find head lice, divide your hair into small sections and examine each section carefully. Then, look for any crawling objects about half an inch away from the scalp. If you find any, you can then use a comb to pick out the bugs. You can also apply mayonnaise to the area. This may help suffocate the lice and kill nits.

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