Why Fly's Keep Landing on Me

Why Fly’s Keep Landing on Me

If you have ever wondered why flies keep landing on you, the answer isn’t just that you’re allergic to them. They’re carriers of over 65 different diseases, including typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery. They can also cause food poisoning and diarrhea. Consequently, you need to do more than just avoid them.

Flies are attracted to certain smell profiles. When a person has certain scents, flies will follow them. This doesn’t mean that they will land on you. In fact, they will likely try to land on you anyway. They have a proclivity for buzzing around ears and landing close to the face. This makes them a potential threat, but they’ll usually fly off within 100 milliseconds.

A common reason for flies to land on humans is because they find them a good source of food. They also have the tendency to stick to objects and odors. So keep your surroundings clean and fresh to avoid attracting flies. If you find dead mice or old dog food near you, this can attract them.

Flies are energy-hungry critters that feed on dead and injured animals. Despite their small size, these insects are highly resistant to swatting and brushing. They are usually harmless to humans but can be hazardous if they’re able to bite.