Why Are Flies Attracted to Fly Paper?

Why Are Flies Attracted to Fly Paper?

Do you wonder how fly papers are attracted to flies? It’s a common question that’s often misunderstood, but the answer is simple: flies are attracted to sticky paper. This is because these papers have a scent that flies find appealing. Some flypapers even release pheromones to attract flies. They can be purchased at hardware stores and can be easily installed, though they aren’t very aesthetically appealing.

Flies also like decaying organic material. In fact, some species of flies actually need this material to breed. That’s why you should identify the type of fly that’s causing the problem. Then, make sure there’s no decaying organic matter nearby.

Another question that’s frequently asked by pest control professionals is, “Why are flies attracted to fly paper?” One possible reason for this is that this kind of paper can be attractive to many insects. Using white Xerox paper can help attract flies, as it reflects full spectrum light.

Using sticky traps is another way to catch flies. These devices are easy to use and can be placed in virtually any room. The sticky paper will usually contain a sticky substance that catches flies and mosquitoes. They can be bought at hardware stores or made at home.

Another reason that houseflies are attracted to fly paper is that the fly paper provides a convenient place for them to rest. During the warmer months, houseflies can breed at a high rate. They can also be highly dangerous, since they spread disease.