What Do Flies Live Off Of?

What Do Flies Live Off Of?

The best way to prevent flies from coming into your home is to keep your property as hygienic as possible. Many flies love organic materials that are decaying, including animal and human feces, manure, and open wounds. Flies are also attracted to sugary substances, so it is important to prevent them from getting into your food.

Flies lay their eggs on decaying organic matter, such as animal carcasses, manure, and garbage. These eggs are small and white, and hatch in eight to twenty hours. When they are ready to hatch, the larvae will move on to the next stage of their life cycle.

Most flies feed off of sugar and other sugary substances, like fruit and plant nectar. They also feed on decayed matter, such as fruit, which is why they are so often called fruit flies. Fruit flies feed on the yeast in decomposing fruit. They also eat garbage and fresh meat.

Flies can enter your home and become a nuisance in spring and summer. During the winter months, flies may emerge from hiding areas to look for food and shelter. During the summer, houseflies may stay in the attic or basement, and they can even enter your home through cracks.

There are many ways to control the number of flies in your home. Using a fly trap can be one of the best ways to keep flies away. Place the traps in dark areas away from windows, bright lights, and food preparation areas. Replace the bulbs in your traps each spring because they tend to wear out and lose their attraction to flies. Remember to clean up your pet’s litter box, too. Flies will lay eggs in your pet litterbox, and they can lay up to 200 eggs at once!