How Do Fly's Get High From Marijuana?

How Do Fly’s Get High From Marijuana?

If you’re wondering how flies get high, you’re not alone. The flies in a recent study studied the effects of marijuana on their hearts. The flies, which were placed in a puparium, were exposed to different levels of marijuana and compared their results to those from controls. This revealed that the cannabis-treated flies had a more pronounced impact on heart function.

Researchers conducted an experiment using sand flies from five countries, and found that a significant percentage of them were carrying traces of cannabis in their gut contents. They then used DNA analysis to identify which type of cannabis the flies had consumed. Cannabis sativa was the most common plant type among the flies. The study also found that the insects were more common in low-altitude, warm environments.

In this study, a custom-made device connected to a portable vaporizer was used to vaporize 0.03 grams of dried herbal cannabis. The device was set to a temperature of 370 degF (188degC), and a syringe was used to collect the vapor. The vapor was then insufflated into a 15.5 ml plastic vial with a filter attached to the top. Participants received two doses per day and were exposed to the vaporized substances for at least 15 minutes.

These experiments suggest that cannabis affects cardiac activity in a variety of ways, but the effects on heart function are not completely understood. Ultimately, more research is needed to determine how marijuana affects the heart.