Griffin Pest Solutions Explains Why Fly's Are in Your House in Winter

Griffin Pest Solutions Explains Why Fly’s Are in Your House in Winter

If you have noticed flies in your home during the winter months, then you are not alone. Most of us have experienced the annoying nuisance of flies on our windows and in our carpets. They are not a big deal, but they are still an annoyance. Thankfully, there is a solution for this problem. Griffin Pest Solutions can help you get rid of flies from your home.

The main reason why flies are present inside your home during the winter months is because they need to survive the freezing temperatures. They are not able to hibernate, so they need shelter and food in order to survive. Flies inside your home are a sign that they are finding a place to live. These flies, called cluster flies, look for warm, hidden areas to spend the winter. While they will not reproduce or cause you any real damage, you may notice a swarm of them if it is a warm day.

If you want to prevent flies from entering your home during winter, then you must first learn how to stop them from entering. First of all, you should make sure to keep your home as warm as possible. The cold weather can cause flies to become inactive and to die. To avoid this, you should clean and remove any dead flies that are left in your house. You should also try to seal any gaps or holes that may have made it into your home.