Correct Spelling of "Flies"

Correct Spelling of “Flies”

The correct spelling of “flies” is “flies.” It is also the singular form of the verb fly, which means “fly.” Fly is also a synonym for “crotch opening.” In fact, the noun “fly” is used for any object that moves through the air.

Flies are insects of the order Diptera. These insects are a close relative of butterflies. They have a common ancestor. They share a similar morphology and are descended from the same lineage. The plural form of fly is “flies.” However, flys are less common than flies.

A fly is a two-winged insect of the order Diptera, family Muscidae. Similarly, housefly is a two-winged insect. When used in English, flies are used as a noun, both as a noun and as a verb. Flies are used as a noun in the present tense, the past tense, and the past participle. It is important to note that the possessive apostrophe is only used with words that have an “s” sound.

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, “Fly” first appeared in English in 1810 as a flap, cover, or tent flap. Originally, the fly served the purpose of keeping condensation off of the tent’s occupants. Today, flies are used for a variety of purposes, including mosquitos, and mosquitoes transmit diseases.