Can Flies Be Friendly?

Flies are the most diverse insects, with over 150 families and more than 150,000 species worldwide. In Australia alone, entomologists estimate there are about 30,000 species. The majority of these species are harmless and are not harmful to humans. Many of these insects have very soft mouthparts and will not bite you. Instead, they will suck up your skin secretions for nutrition. The foods they like to eat include sweat, protein, carbohydrates, salts, sugars, and dead skin. These insects do not transmit disease to humans, and are not dangerous to livestock.

Flies also love fruity smells, and are attracted to them. In fact, fruit flies are slightly smaller than common house flies. They do not like humans’ smells, but they are attracted to fermenting substances, like fruit and sugar. They will often roam around looking for the next meal they can taste.

The most common type of fly found in homes is the house fly. It grows up to a quarter-inch long and lives for between fifteen and twenty-five days. The female lays up to 600 eggs during her short life. They are able to take on a variety of shapes during their short existence.

During the late spring and early summer, many homeowners may notice the presence of flies in their homes. These insects are most likely to enter the home to feed on ripe fruit and trash. However, they may also enter homes for other reasons, such as a source of moisture.

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