Are Flies Good For Bearded Dragons?

Are Flies Good For Bearded Dragons?

If you have a bearded dragon at home, you may be wondering if flies are good for it. While flies are a natural food source for bearded dragons, you should not feed them any more than they need. Flies are a good source of protein, essential vitamins, and fat. They can eat anywhere from 10 to 20 flies per day.

While they might look appetizing, house flies are not good for your beardie. Besides being unsavory, house flies can also contain diseases and carry other diseases. Therefore, it’s best to keep the number of flies at bay and your beardie cage clean.

Flies can be found in a variety of environments, including garbage cans and wooded areas. They are also attracted to overripe food. You can use fly traps to catch them. If you don’t have a fly trap, you can also use containers with holes punched in the lids.

Flies can be dangerous for bearded dragons. They carry over 200 parasites and pathogens. They spread these germs when they land on food, trash cans, and rotting animal flesh. Flies can cause cholera, dysentery, and other diseases.

It’s important to note that bearded dragons can eat flies, but only if they’re sourced properly and in moderation. While they can be harmful, they can also be beneficial to bearded dragons. It’s important to keep flies from unclean surfaces and avoid feeding them to a bearded dragon when you can.