How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host?

Fleas have a unique life cycle. It involves three stages: egg, hatching and pupation. Fleas are more resilient during their earlier stages, when they are eggs, larvae or pupae. Fleas are also able to survive outside of the home or pet if the environment is cold or moist. During their adult stage, fleas spend at least 90% of their life cycle on nearby surfaces.

Fleas cannot live without a host for more than ten days, but they can live for up to five months if conditions are right. Fleas’ eggs and larvae spend most of their time in the cocoon stage before hatching. They will not mature into adult fleas until about 10 days after hatching.

Adult fleas are blood-dependent and require a host for survival. If you remove a flea host, the fleas will likely die. The best way to get rid of these pests is to call a pest control professional. Click on the green button below to find a pest control professional in your area.

Fleas lay their eggs in the fur of a host animal. The larvae remain in the fur of the animal while hatching. Then, they shed their eggs and cocoons and emerge to feed on a new host. If they are not able to find a new host immediately, they can live for up to a week without feeding.

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