How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

Dogs can get fleas through several means. These insects feed on dogs and can jump up to 12 inches. They can also be carried by wildlife. Infestations can be avoided with the help of flea collars. Keeping your dog indoors and outside is important to keep fleas at bay.

Fleas are commonly found on dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. They pick up fleas from other pets and the environment. Fleas are very mobile and can jump from one animal to another in a matter of seconds. It is therefore important to take your dog’s environment into consideration and use prescription flea preventatives to protect them.

Fleas can get into your home through other pets and clothing. Fleas can also hop from animal to animal and jump over screen doors and windows. In addition, dogs from kennels or pet-parent friends can bring fleas into your home. You will never know where you could be bringing fleas from, so it is important to be vigilant and persistent in removing them from your home.

If you suspect your dog of having fleas, check his fur for evidence of them. If your dog has a pale gum color, it may be an indication that fleas have been infested. It may also exhibit lethargy, rapid breathing, and dark-colored stools. If these symptoms persist, you should visit your vet.

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