Does Fleas Die in the Cold?

Fleas do not die in the cold. They hibernate, just like any other insect, and the eggs they lay will survive the winter months. In the spring, they will hatch, starting the entire cycle over again. Fleas are incredibly resilient pests, and it is crucial to control their population.

Even in colder weather, you should still apply flea preventative to your pet. This will help you avoid getting infested with fleas and their eggs. During the winter, fleas will try to stay warm, which means they might lay their eggs or cling to animals. Once they thaw out, they will be looking for hosts.

Most people assume that fleas die in the winter, but this is not true. Fleas can survive the cold only if they are in an environment with high humidity and high temperatures. This means that they are more likely to survive the cold if they stay indoors. However, they will die in colder temperatures if they are in an area with less humidity.

The cold weather can kill fleas, but they can also remain dormant for several months. Fleas can survive up to 30 weeks in a dormant state. If temperatures remain above 70 degrees, they will survive the winter. However, in the coldest climates, fleas will not be able to survive without their warm-bodied hosts.

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