Why Does Cockroach Fly?

Cockroaches are not great fliers, but they can fly several hundred meters in a single flight session. Cockroaches are able to fly only when they are threatened or under extreme environmental conditions. They have two sets of wings, the front pair covering their back and the hind pair, which are clear and delicate.

A cockroach’s flight is a combination of its wings and legs. The front pair of wings has thick skin and matches its body color. The back wings are thin and clear. During flight, the cockroach elevates its front wings and keeps them up. The back pair allows it to move through the air and reach its target.

Many different species of cockroaches can fly. Some species, like the German cockroach, have wings and can fly a few feet. Some can fly several miles. Asian cockroaches are relatively strong fliers, and have been recorded flying for forty yards at a time. They live in cities like New York, where there is ample garbage on the streets and in alleyways.

Cockroaches are attracted to light and love to live outdoors. They may enter your house through an open door, torn screens, or cracks in the walls. Flying cockroaches are also attracted to heat and humidity. This may be why they will congregate around your bathtub or under a sink.