Why Do Cockroaches Fly?

Cockroaches have the ability to fly, but they rarely do so. Instead, they use their wings to avoid danger or cover short distances. The wings also allow them to glide to new areas and find shelter. However, their ability to fly is not a natural instinct for them. There are several factors that may determine whether cockroaches can fly. If you’re interested in understanding why cockroaches can fly, read on.

During the day, roaches can move about their surroundings by running or flying. A single roach can travel as fast as three miles per hour. They can also fly at 3.4 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of 200 mph for humans. This speed can help them escape dangerous situations, such as insecticides. In addition to their speed, cockroaches also use their wings to enhance their jumping capability. Depending on the species, they can use their wings to reach perches and escape from predators.

If you’ve ever wondered why cockroaches fly, you can thank evolution for their ability to escape predators. Their wings allow them to glide over hot surfaces. During warmer weather, cockroaches may also fly towards humans. When they see people, their carbon dioxide-producing breath attracts them.